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Is there such a thing as African writing?

What is African Writing? We Africans must tell our story, or more importantly our stories, and yet when people try they are castigated, or chided as not African enough. Seeing that Africa is a continent of 54 countries and 1 … Continue reading

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Burundi: A Nation Beyond Parody

Rwanda has a conjoined twin, joined at the hip but twins that facing opposite ways. Their ways are inverted, but their actions affect each other in myriad ways. One of the biggest factors in the Genocide in Rwanda was the … Continue reading

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A Diaspora Guide To Returning Home

So you wanna go home, you’ve had it up to here!!! Even Africa wasn’t this bad, not another winter!! I remember I said the same thing every year, for 14 years, then I came home in 2007. What I have … Continue reading

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