Big Nose bad, Small nose good: Body Identity wars in Africans

Big Nose, Little Nose


Who told you that you were ugly?

There is a moment in Genesis when Adam has partaken in the forbidden fruit and he hides, God asks Adam why he’s hiding and he answers “I’m naked.” God asks him “who told you that you were naked?” It is the dawning self-consciousness to realise you are naked, like when a child starts to bathe itself, it covers itself in public. We recently had a riot when Miss Uganda was proclaimed as Ugly, but what defines beauty or ugly? This got into a deeper debate of various stereotypes of beauty and even values. A fact of life is that the overwhelming majority of black people in this world hate their bodies and how they look. While they stare in the mirror and hate themselves, they are not thinking about stocks and bonds, interest rates, property, they are too busy hating their nose, and the white man laughs. You can quantify this self-hate in the sales of skin-bleaching cream, artificial hair, plastic surgery and the overall malaise of the Black race. When the White man arrived, he dehumanised the black body as an ugly lump of muscles to be used as labour, we were told we were ugly, our noses too big, our lips too thick, our hair too kinky and nothing was good. Of course they had favourites, some Africans fitted the Western ideal of noble savagery, the Masaai, the Tutsi, the Fulani, the Zulu, or whoever helped their colonial aspirations. This created even more self-hate in Africans, a need to change their genetic code, to fit the ideals of another.

A wonder of evolution

That big nigger nose is a wonder of creation or evolution, whichever way you look at it. Nothing was ever created beautiful, we imbue beauty on things, our features fulfil a biological purpose first. Nothing on your body is an accident, it is a marker of where you have been, your ancestral lineage is written on your face and body. Europeans evolved blue eyes some 8,000 years ago to reflect the glare of the sun, the Chinese evolved Chinese eyes to solve the same problem, but Africans needed darker eyes to keep out the UV rays. Forest people have bigger noses, savannah people have smaller noses, not by choice but for practical reasons. The big nigger nose is not only indigenous to Africa, all along the equator people have bigger noses, even in South America and Asia. The nose helps in a humid climate, to cool down the air you need bigger nostrils, with thick philia to absorb moisture, if you get moisture in your lungs you get respiratory problems. The nose is also a cooling device, with a wider surface area and many sweat glands, the blood is flushed through millions of capillaries and cools. The longer nose is to warm up cold air as it enters the lungs, also allows better filtration of dust on the savannah.  Nothing is an accident, everything in nature follows a function, we later decide that certain rare traits are beautiful and others less so. This is because we are out of our natural environment where those attributes make sense, that big nose which helped you survive and thrive in a jungle is now an object of ridicule. It is like laughing at the hump of a camel while it keeps it alive.

Look at a black man, his hair is tight and matted to keep off the sun, darker colours absorb the UV rays from above and absorbs sweat to cool us down. Our dark skin is to keep out UV and gamma rays, to prevent skin cancer, yet we want to bleach it. Our noses were adapted to our environment, loved whatever it looked like, form followed function. That big black booty is also an evolutionary advancement that was not made for our pleasure. Black women stored fat reserves in the buttocks, hips and thighs during the harvest and this allowed them to last through the droughts. We associated these buttocks, hips, and thighs with fertility because a women with fat reserves was more likely to carry a child through term during dry times. The white man has no similar obsession because they physically stored food in the winter. The short stocky build of a Mukiga is suited for cultivating the steep hills in the mountains, the short splayed feet allowed for better grip of the slanted ground, the low center of gravity allowed balance and reduced back pain. A carbohydrate rich diet produces a stockier breed of person, a protein-based diet, such as one based on milk produces a taller person but slender. The savannah people have taller height, better suited to looking over tall grass, forest people are shorter so they don’t bang their head on branches, get it?

United in Dysmorphia

Body Dysmophia is –

“is a mental illness that involves belief that one’s own appearance is unusually defective (worthy of hiding or fixing), while one’s thoughts about it are pervasive and intrusive (at least one hour per day), although the perceived flaw might be nonexistent (BDD’s delusional variant). If the perceived flaw is actual, it is minor or perception of its significance is severely exaggerated.”

Michael Jackson was not the only Black man to hate his nose and skin tone, all over the world Black people are hating their physical appearance, African-Americans spent way more on their personal appearance that the USA Aid budget to Africa. All over from New York, to Conakry, to Kigali people look in the mirror and think they are ugly or less beautiful than others. They are trying to work overtime to get enough to take the light-skinned girl on a date. Vanity is bad but self-hate is worse. While you focus on your nose, the global economy is ticking away, this body dismorphia is part of an economic plan to keep us down. Just after they dehumanise your body, they sell you products to rehumanise it, a nice bleach, Brazilian hair, Korean nails, contact lenses in blue, green and grey. And for the white girl who wants to be black, they can pump your ass full of silicone till you have a Kardashian booty. They can tan your skin brown like honey, perm your hair kinky like an afro, make your lips thick pumped with collagen and then you can twerk it like a black girl. We opt for commodity fetishism and body adornment, bling bling, if we cover our body with jewels then everyone will focus on the jewels and not my ugliness. I truly believe that it is this mental hold that kills us, we will begin to develop once we accept who we are as people.


This Pic is used by over 50 Rwandan gals on Facebook, but most don’t look like this, why did they all choose this pic of some unknown girl off the internet?

Accepting yourself

Rwanda has a deep problem with self-identity, negative self-image, and body dispmorphia. We associate certain genetic traits with higher class, the nose, the skin-tone, the height, and these genes are in demand. Most Rwandans have an ideal of beauty that we mostly don’t fit, every poster, banner, billboard, beauty contest is not a true reflection of how we look. Having a beauty ideal you don’t fit will only make you hate yourself, how you want to be is not who you are. Not even so-called Tutsi’s fit the ideal of Rwanda beauty, only a small fraction look like Ethiopians, there is pyramid of beauty in our minds that we don’t even fit in. People are always self-consciously judging each other’s looks, even among our families. The need for genetic variety is at the heart of the Rwandan social contract. It says “I work hard, play by the rules and I get a woman who will raise my social status and give me genetic variety.” To not do so is “Kwima Bageni” the worst crime in Rwanda. Bantu groups migrated in small bands across the Congo, when they cross they were in dire need of genetic variety, this has bred diverse tribes from Cameroon to South Africa, some 400m people. All nations have to deal with the issue of diversity, some are still dealing with it as we are in Rwanda. The question is, can we be different and not kill each other? After the Genocide we said we are one tribe without distinction, tribal politicians drive a wedge through society to divide us, but if we have the same values then diversity is strength. We have to understand the origins of ourselves and accept them as they are, only then can you move towards a brighter future.


Rama Isibo

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11 Responses to Big Nose bad, Small nose good: Body Identity wars in Africans

  1. Tim says:

    So still: if even blacks think they’re simply ugly – why should I as a white man consider them beautiful??

    • rwandareview says:

      some blacks, I think I’m great looking as my mother told me

    • Eba says:

      Plenty of whites think they’re ugly, even without centuries of degradation and subjugation like Black people endured, so what’s your point?
      Since whites think they’re ugly, Why should any black person consider a white beautiful?

      • rwandareview says:

        if whites wanna hate themselves then it’s fine, but imposed self-hate from outside for the ultimate goal of profit is wrong. The question is not white individuals but systems, Hollywood, media, music, Arts, fashion that push a narrow vision of beauty and commodify it

  2. I like the story man, I do! But what are your sources?

  3. Daddy Kabagire Kibenga says:

    Nice piece Rama! Very good insight for this very problem, lets recognize this and try to fix what can be fix!

  4. GeertWilders4president says:

    Do you know that most etnic blacks (even from Africa) have well proportioned nose? why if a black person do rhinoplasty is considered victim of racism while any other person can do rhinoplasty without being considered a victim of anything?
    Can’t the man just dislike his big nose without feeling ashamed of anything?

    Also the nose was just reduced in size. They didn’t turned his nose into a white shaped nose. Is still a typical black nose, just more proportioned to his face.

  5. exploredom says:

    You wrote: “Michael Jackson was not the only Black man to hate his nose and skin tone,…”

    No. Michael had a skin disease called vitiligo which caused him to lose his skin pigmentation. Eventually he lost so much that he had to remove the remaining brown patches with a dermatologist-prescribed medication..

    As for his nose, yes he hated it because his father constantly told him it was ugly when he was a child, so he internalized it and ended up changing it.

    • Jennifer says:

      Michael Jackson also had children with a white woman in order to produce white children. His sister Janet Jackson also reproduced with a pale Arab. Looks like the family has a problem, overall, with their race. So maybe vitiligo is only part of the story. Not to mention the fact that more than 50% of African American women hide their kinky hair under weaves/wigs and black American men date outside of their race more than any other race of men.

  6. Steve Bell says:

    Black people come in all different sizes, shades and colors…..dark chocolate, brown, tan, yellow, and even pale/off white. A great many of these people will possess negro features (i.e. larger nose, full lips, kinky hair). On the other hand some have greater precentages of non negro DNA in their bloodlines and this is reflected in skin color and their physical features. Eitherway it’s a moot point as we are all the same: Human.

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