Swinging in the dark

Misplaced anger

The sudden arrest of Karenzi Karake has brought about a diplomatic crisis between UK, where he was arrested, and Rwanda, who had sent him on an official mission to meet with MI-6. Kigali was right to feel angry, a major ally had acted on a flimsy warrant by an investigative Judge in Spain. This is a repeat of the Rose Kabuye arrest some 6 years ago, the case was thrown out but only after much hullabaloo and diplomatic/legal wrangles. It was seen then as part of a wider imperialist agenda by the West to hold Africans back. Cut to 2015, same scenario, a major Rwandan figure arrested on flimsy charges that don’t hold to scrutiny of international justice. It pains my heart to see us held in such low contempt but we have gotten to this situation over decades by own actions as Africans. Who should we be accountable to, them or ourselves? So it was with much confusion that Rwandans marched on the British High Commission holding placards in English that they couldn’t understand. This kind of protest was unlikely to produce any positive outcome, it was a half-hearted appeal. It is wrong to encourage demonstrations because you are teaching people how to eventually overthrow you, people can pretend to support then turn once their numbers are big.

A shot in the foot

So where does this anger go? UK arrested him, so start there. Then it was a Spanish judge, Spain is next. The responses I got on Twitter were telling “Let them take their stupid aid, how can they do this to us, this order could only have come from the very top, CAMERON!!” They think Europe is like Africa where the president/prime minister is god, where they control every aspect of government. A UK Border Guard can even arrest a Head of State if he’s holding a valid arrest warrant, he/she doesn’t need to call the Head of State. There is no way UK planned a diplomatic faux pas that has left them with egg on their faces. After all, they have sunk billions of pounds in Rwanda, despite the harsh criticism for doing so. They could never turn and say “We never knew” because they supported RPF since it was just a handful of rugged guys in the bush. This will reflect badly on them, London is a world capital because the Queen guarantees the person of all visitors. The Conservative Party has a strong link with Rwanda, the previous Labour government of Tony Blair was closer still. The Umubano Project was very important in humanising the Tories who were seen as a racist party, now they were building schools for little black kids in Africa, the humanity. It was a rebrand but some were genuine converts to this new Compassionate Conservatism, their leader remains Andrew Mitchell – the Plebgate dude, he defended Rwanda as well.

Know your enemy

Rule one of the Art of War – know your enemy, Britain is not that enemy, this goes deeper. The EU arrest warrant was an act of genius, it gave nations a chance to use proxies to attack their enemies. The previous Bruggiere indictments were seen as overtly political, given the huge role France played in the Genocide. So around about the same time, they passed a dossier to a Spanish Judge Andreu Murelles. A Spanish judge could not be accused of colonial bias, plus he had universal jurisdiction under Spanish law. He also had a pretext, 3 Spaniards killed in Musanze, the only survivor of the attack claimed it was Interahamwe and the New York Times reported it as such. When I pointed to France, there was uproar – what has France got to do with this? It was UK that arrested him, it can’t be France. We are now friends with France, Sarkozy even came here and vaguely apologised for the Genocide, surely not. Look closely, and you will see the invisible hand of those elements who had always backed the Genocidal regime. What evidence do you have Rama? The document itself, it is dripping with the DNA of France all over it. It is a counter-narrative from the French Perspective; it is an acquittal for every sin of commission or omission that France committed. There is no way a Spanish judge who has never been to Rwanda could write such a detailed but deliberately misinformed diatribe as that. He got help, from the perpetrators and their supporters, France.

The Devil’s Bible

Somewhere out there, there is the Devil’s Bible, a Bible written from the Devil’s perspective, explaining why he turned out so evil. The Devil was pain too, he was hurt too, so before you despise him, try to understand. The document is laughable, poorly written, repetitive, and out of touch with reality. There is hardly no evidence, it is just a long diatribe against the RPF. It claims “The RPF was a Criminal Genocidal Organisation formed in 1987 with the purpose of wiping out the Hutu population.” It goes massacre, by massacre, explaining that every Tutsi pogrom was preceded by some transgression by the Tutsi, to say they deserved it. It is a perversion of reality, the objective is not to investigate the deaths of 3 Spaniards but to acquit the accused and blame the RPF for every murder. This is the “switch and bait” tactic used by Hutu extremists, to paint themselves as victims as a way back into power. The wikileaks cables showed the US envoy saying “The Spanish indictment of 40 Rwandan military officers offers an unrecognizable version of some of the most painful and violent episodes in Rwanda’s history, distorting the established record, inventing mass killings, placing the blame for any misfortune Rwandans have suffered (including the 1994 genocide) on the Kagame government. It is a bloated political tract, sloppily organized and endlessly repetitive, and, ultimately, a disservice to Rwandans.” If it is political then who has a political agenda? A comic aside, several of those who were indicted were long dead. How can a dead man be indicted? They didn’t even research to see if they were alive or not. This shows it was cut and pasted from a much older document, not written by the Spaniard.

read the full indictment  here  http://www.friendsofthecongo.org/pdf/spanish_indictment.pdf

An opportunity in every crisis

There is crack team of top lawyers, among them is Cherie Blair, this case will be thrown out in due course. This will hurt our pride, but we can show just how absurd International Justice is. Instead of mobilising demonstrations, we should mobilise African leaders, we should speak with one voice as Africans. No African leader wants his chief of Intel arrested on trumped up charges. What allows the West to play god is that we never say anything, we worry that we will be next. The Emperor is naked, we can expose that nakedness. These charges have hovered for almost seven years, we dismissed them, but we eventually would have to deal with them. We can end this madness, International Justice has a lower burden of proof than local courts, that cannot be right. There’s a slight stinging sensation, that’s pride, messing with us. We can still be proud in front of international justice, we won’t be bowed while bowing our heads. These injustices have the effect of bring us together, that is good, we will need this solidarity in the years to come. We should always remember who is behind this, it is going to be hard but we must defeat that narrative once and for all.

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8 Responses to Swinging in the dark

  1. Azura says:

    It’s funny how you can be twisting yourself : first u stated it can’t be UK gvrnt cause there in the Western, a simple guard coast can arrest a head of state. Then u affirmed it the French Gvrnt (a Western country still) using its grudges through his judges. One wonder how a UK Guard Coast (under the executive power) can act solely, but not a French judge (not even part of executive power)? By the way, isn’t this RDF officer the one who was in charge of the Rwandan forces on DRC’s soil during the fighting of Kisangani against UPDF a decade ago? He is not accountable for such crime either for you, still?

  2. james says:

    If you stuck to the facts this would have been the best analysis of an otherwise complicated situation. I am going to address only the relevant facts of your blog as it contains several emotional statements. Evidence and DNA are technical legal terms that, in here, you use very loosely to suit your rhetoric. For instance, “the document is dripping with French DNA”… I am tempted to quote a legal dictionary to define the meaning of DNA to show you how wrongly you are using the term but I will avoid insulting your intelligence. Am sure you understand that legally only living things can have DNA.

    Your second argument..
    “The document is an acquittal of France and therefore was authored by France”… What about an accomplice? Who is France? Where is the substance in that statement? Who should be charged for influence peddling based on that?

    “there is no way a Spanish judge who has never been to rwanda can write….” Would it be the first time a foreign person who has never been somewhere writes something about it? I am pretty sure you might have written about several places you have never been yourself.

    You definitely have a theory but it is not one you can back up with any date, time, place, name, directly implicating document, picture or video. But assuming you are right that the french are behind it, the fact that this was read and signed openly by a spanish judge in a Spanish court is enough for there to be no further inquiry as to the source. A judges word can only be overturned by that of a senior judge.

    You are right that Rwandese are wrong in the uproar on England. You are doing the same thing they are doing by implicating France. A waste of valuable energy channelled in the wrong direction.

    Rwandans are also dishonest with themselves in not, bringing to book and legally challenging all matters concerning RPF killings in 1994. The fact is Rwanda is kicking a can down the road. At some point, whether it is court or in history, a judgement will be passed on that issue as well.

    • Jyunia says:

      James, are you expecting DGSE to attach names of their agents to an arrest warrant?

      • Jyunia says:

        Rama is absolutely spot on. It is general knowledge that DGSE and the Africa Cell at the Elysee have been at war with since the 1st Oct. 1990. This war will end when either they achieve their target of removing RPF from power or the French state apologises for their role in the Genocide. Clearly, the strategy is to wait 50 years and until the culprits are long dead and then apologise.

        Their French tactics and battle grounds have evolved with time. In the 1990s it was full scale war and Genocide with the French Legion Etrangere and Special forces directly engaging RPF while shadowy figures like Capt. Barrill advised Habyarimana.

        Today the tactics have changed to using proxies like “European Arrest warrants”, UN Peacekeeping, Human Rights Watch, BBC and hiring the services of Kagame’s foes.
        Aluta Continua

      • kalambaiec@gmail.com says:

        General knowledge? Does that general knowledge of the french fixation also include the Canadian investigations? Does it also include the Robert Garison Report on the matter? Does it also include the Carla Del Punto’s statements? None of those ppl are french citizens unless u say otherwise…
        Sent from my BlackBerry®

      • kalambaiec@gmail.com says:

        So you are actually admitting that there is not a single material evidence of the involvement of the DGSE, yet you choose guessing over evidences, right?
        Sent from my BlackBerry®

  3. Dozer says:

    We all like your blog information,Great work!

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