Hubris Hubris, the fall of the Clintons



Spousal privilege

Political spouses are always powerful, that is why we all recognize First Ladies. Pillow talk, you know at the end of a hard day when he or she is at their most vulnerable they talk. What about this minister? This or that General, whether a law should pass or the true state of the nation. Pillow talk is dangerous, but it is protected by the law under spousal privilege. Your spouse cannot be compelled to testify against you, you are seen as one before the law, unless she or he is accusing you. So, political wives know everything, see everything, and have power behind the scenes. Hillary Clinton was the perfect political wife, an intellectual equal who had the skills of machination that Bill lacked. When deals were made, Bill would leave the details to his wife, who was also his lawyer and he had both attorney-client privilege and spousal. The Clinton’s have raised over $3bn for charity and their political causes, some of that went to themselves and less than 10% went to actual help. In Rwanda, they Clinton Foundation opened a cancer hospital in Butaro in 2009, without any cancer equipment till last month, but they claimed they were curing Rwandans of cancer for free. We took my dying aunt there to find empty wards without carers but the website was exploiting us.


Why she lost


Without a vision the people perish, Trump offered a nightmare vision but it was a vision. Hillary offered nothing “I’m with her” what does that say? What does she stand for? Why didn’t she have a message? She has taken so much money from special interests that no policy would pass her donors. Free college, Banks and student loans would block it. Reduced healthcare costs, she has taken money from pharmaceuticals who overcharge for drugs. Opposing outsourcing, all her main donors have outsourced their workers. She lived in a total bubble, she had to be inaccessible to make to favours more expensive, she relied on pollsters and thinktanks to tell her what the people were thinking. She was detached and out of touch, only speaking to people who agreed with her. Liberals now just shout down the people who question them, you’re a Racist, a Bigot, Homophobe, misogynist and never listen to the substance of what they are saying. The Democrats have been obsessed with toilet rights for transgender people when the economy is hurting, it was the ultimate hubris. 40% of workers are on less than $20,000 in the richest country, 70% are on less than $30,000 when the average is $49,000 so corporations make up the difference. The rust belt is where she lost big, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, there was no message for them, but Trump at least saw their pain.


Excuses excuses


Racism  – many Trump voters voted for Obama in 08, and 12, yes whites voted for Trump overall but Obama won more white votes than Hillary, 39-36. 30% of Latinos voted for Trump, they voted for a wall to keep their relatives out. This is called the drawbridge effect, when you run into a castle seeking refuge, you want them to close the gate to the drawbridge because your are fine now. Old immigrants who came there the hard way and worked their way up, hate to see newcomers get the red carpet.


Sexism – white women voted for Trump, she failed to connect with women, especially younger women who she was trying to inspire. She came from an old school feminism where you never show your weakness, younger women see vulnerability as a humanizing feature that makes people relate better to you. Dilma Roussef in Brazil had the same problem, she was an old school gal, she grew up in the rough and tumble of big boy’s politics, secret deals, nudges, handshakes, and was part of the patriarchy. They failed to transition from the backseat to the front, from shadowy operatives to open accountable leaders.


The Media – they gave Trump so much free airtime, some $2bn worth of free coverage, the media is now just 6 companies globally owning 90% of readers, viewers, loggers, so the idea of a free press is dead. The head of ABC was quoted in July saying Trump was great for business and they will see record profits. The media is just 2 echo chambers, Fox vs all the Rest, the media which should be investigating and holding the political class to account is fully in bed with politicians. Most of the pundits were employees of one or another campaign, yet claimed to be unbiased. I watch Daily Show and most other shows it is allowed to be as partisan and horrible as possible. They never leave the Manhattan bubble, not ever to go to Queens or Brooklyn. The media deeply despises rural and small town America and label them racist, homophobic, and other Deplorable terms.


Emails and leakage

The puditocracy blame the FBI for strategically taking sides but they never acknowledge that all this is because Hillary broke the law with an illegal server. She could never fully admit wrong, she would try to explain giving long winded answers that showed she was at best, bending the truth. It is this tendency to bend the truth that undid her, you can’t spin your way out of everything. Those leaked emails were from a server she should never have had so they can’t claim privacy. The emails showed that she was the one always trying to bend the law, or cross the line while her staff tried to stop her.


The voters didn’t turn up


Blame the voters, she knew she was unpopular, her mantra was “You don’t have to like me, just vote for me.” Voters have to like you and at least respect you, the idea that a voter machine can make people leave home on a cold November day when they hate you is wrong. She had too much mileage, we knew her for too long to just change our opinions like that. 7m stayed home, they saw her are part of the system that stole their jobs but they couldn’t vote for Trump.


A new way


The real revolution was Bernie Sanders’ he raised $200m just from small donors, with no media coverage or official support. The average donor gave $27, this was basically using Mpesa and other similar money transfer apps. Hillary took $22m from Goldman Sachs and she had to sell her soul, there is another way. The corporations wanted unlimited money in politics so they could outbid the common man, before that you had to raise money via activists and voters. Going to Lobbies means you don’t have to have principles, voters demand principles,  donors demand you have none. The Republicans shouldn’t rejoice either. This is like the Barbarians entering Rome and the Romans pretending they always supported them. This is a plague upon both houses.

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