Trump: A Chance To Make Africa Great Again?

Trump might be good for Africa

Plantation politics

Donald Trump was recently elected President, uberliberals warned us that the sky will collapse in on itself but it hasn’t happened so far. This was just to make us fearful, the Democrats are now just a party of fearmongering to avoid actual policies. The Democrats relations to Africans, mirrored that of their relations to African-Americans, taking them for granted. When Obama was elected we has so much hope, we expected a trillion dollar Marshall Plan for Africa. It was never to happen, he barely identified with us because he was accused of being a foreigner plus his home economy was wrecked. I was surprised Obama was elected by the Democrats, I always expected the GOP to be the first as a cover for their racism. Blacks had to wait their turn in the Democrats, Obama ran on a totally separate platform and organization called Obama for America, he was frozen out by the Clintons. He ran again in 2012 using his private organization only his name was on the ballot. He managed to avoid the chaos of the DNC and get elected, but Bill Clinton angrily said “Who does he think he is? Not long ago he’d be serving us coffee!!” Nigger wait your turn!!!! Ever since Kennedy and LBJ gave them Civil Rights they had to sit and be quiet. This was the new plantation, niggers should be grateful, of course you can’t say NIGGER, they are N-Words.

Modern cultural imperialism

Both parties are nauseating in their imperialist views, the Democrats want to convert us into Manhattan Metrosexual Liberals, GOP wants us to be rednecks, both are overly self-righteous and condescending. A Liberal represents their tiny little bubble, they want to see their parochial concerns as paramount. Liberals are Liberal-Conservatives, they are from the professional classes, their jobs are protected but their heart bleeds. They want small gradual improvements over time leading to wider change, they don’t want to overthrow the oppressive system because they prop it up and rely on it. Liberals today just have 4 answers to anyone who questions them FASCIST, RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, MISOGYNYST!!!!!  Having a Democrat in power must be terrible for US Diplomats, policies change according to Twitter pressure, though Trump might be the same. Uganda has been a vital base for American interests in the region, intervening in Somalia, South Sudan and DRC, but one proposed homophobic law threatened to derail 30 years of alliance. All strategic considerations went out the window, the party donors were angry, they demanded aid be cut, that children not be immunized until the government saw sense and bent over. Same with Rwanda and the M23 crisis. Republicans get angry when you disagree as well “You HATE America and you HATE the troops.” To hell with them both. Trump is not ideological, he won’t be bound by narrow strains on thought.

Liberals don’t like you

They only want to use you, they only want to maintain their superiority over you by pretending to care. George Bush gave more to Africa than any Democrat president, he gave money to AIDS, Malaria, women’s groups and his AGOA program still promotes growth in Africa. Liberals are poverty pimps, they want to exploit poverty to enrich themselves, affirmative action money still goes to white Liberals but Black politicians get a cut. Democrats have deported more people than Republicans, incarcerated more blacks, imprisoned more Muslims, and in any metric they are often worse. This is because since the Clintons took power in 92, they have tried to make it a Republican party clone. If Liberals don’t care for the poor and excluded in America, what makes you think they will care about Africans? This election has proved they are out of touch with ordinary people. One angry UberLiberal said “Okay so you say we don’t understand the fly-over states, but what are they doing to understand us?” That is the worst indictment of the Manhattan mentality. The world has to understand us, we don’t have to understand them, they are stupid and don’t know what is in their best interest. I listed some things that will be different in the Trump era

  1. Less emphasis on Democratic reform and human rights – this will be good and bad. How will Trump lecture Africans when he advocates waterboarding? Some nations will breathe a sigh of relief to see Samantha Powell and her wagging finger gone. It is a fine line, to know when to push and when to leave. Some nations will take advantage to be even more oppressive but some will now do it in a manner that suits them and not dictated from Washington. We would have had demands to legalise Gay marriage or face aid cuts if Hillary won, for her donors.
  2. Neo-liberalism is DEAD or dying, we have been complaining about the inequities and imbalances in Neoliberal trade agreements, now even America is feeling the squeeze we will see change. NAFTA and TPP look dead in the water, we will see a major realignment of trade rules, more protection for workers and jobs. America as an advocate for change will push reforms, Africa has deindustrialised like the Rust Belt, and we need solutions as well. Repealing the Frank-Dodd act
  3. Less intervention – Trump was a reaction against Neo-con policies, he’s tired of being the policeman for the world. Right now, the donors are trying to push Jon Boulton on him, a superhawk, when Trump accused Hillary of being a Hawk. Trump was actually an Anti-war candidate, he prioritized ISIS but wanted all other wars stopped. Hillary had a long list of countries to bomb, long memories, more enemies.
  4. We will wake up – we have this dream that America will save us. This will wake us up. Malcolm X talked about Liberals being dangerous because they hide their hatred of others, even to themselves. White Liberals who advocate for us want to live in all white neighbourhoods, they cross the road when they see you, clutch their handbag in a lift and want to love you from afar. We will wake up, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Trump has shown just how weak the Elite structure is, their money no longer protects them. We can overthrow this global oppressive system.

No one is coming to save us


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